Get More Twitter Followers in a Short Time

Get More Twitter Followers in a Short Time

Many of us think that to get more Twitter followers, all we need to do is to click the ‘Follow’ button a couple thousand times.

With this strategy, the only goal you can achieve is to get more Twitter follower. Well, a few question raises here:

Is this thing going to build my audience and presence on Twitter?

Personally, I think it won’t. If you want to get more followers just for the sake of doing it, it works.

What about the quality of my audience?

Spot on! To build quality and get the attention of your Twitter followers, you have to focus on: content, engagement and rewards.

I haven’t been the first Twitter user, but I have been in this game for long enough to test some strategies and improve my profile. In all this time, I’ve been through a certain number of bots, serial followers and spammy accounts. Stay away from them too.

But still, How can you get more Twitter Followers?

Take a look at these tips and optimize your Twitter profile in order to build up a loyal and valuable audience.

Get More Twitter Followers in a Short Time

#1. Create a strong profile

Make sure that the first thing your visitors will see is your avatar and a solid bio. Tell them exactly who you are, what you do and what are your interests.

The avatar should have a photo of you looking from a right angle. Don’t do awkward photos to make you look more interesting because you will not. Leave it at a higher resolution, people might want to see a larger version of it.

If your Twitter profile represents a company or a brand, feel free to use a picture of it. Make sure that you put a clear image with a high contrast of colors. It grabs the attention and you maximize the chance to be followed.

Your Twitter bio should be very good written, in a very plain and understandable language. People might read it before they follow you.

#2. Tweet valuable content and do it often

Before you tweet make sure that your content worth sharing. Create your tweet in a such manner that everybody can understand it. No need for fancy words to grab someone’s attention.

Make sure that you schedule your tweets using Buffer when your audience is the most likely to see it.

Tweet well as your possible followers might want to have a look before they follow you. Tweet at least twice a day no matter what happens and post a big variety of subjects. Your personal opinion or your person doesn’t really matter, so don’t tweet about this.

Tweet about your hobbies, a great advice that can be helpful anytime, a photo of something really great that grab attention.

#3. Comment on relevant tweets

Go on your news feed and pick up some subjects that are common between you, your followers and your brand and join into a interesting conversation.

If your comments are interesting and helpful they will be retweeted and you will get more twitter followers which will want to go further by checking your blog often.

#4. Don’t forget to retweet

Retweet relevant content coming from the leaders within your niche. You can use TweetDeck to identify the content that they are sharing. You have nothing to lose by doing so, to be honest you have more to gain.

Just because your brand mane is associated with your industry leaders, it makes you a reputable commentator and who knows, maybe you will collaborate with them in the future.

You shouldn’t retweet just because your main target is the number of followers you can get. Retweet to provide good content to your followers.

#5.  Ask followers to retweet

It’s proved that if you mention the word ‘retweet’ in your tweet, people are at least 30% more likely to share your content. All you have to do is ask everyone to participate to your campaign of spreading the news.

By being retweeted you get more twitter followers as you gain more exposure in this social network.

#6. Repeat your tweets

A very good strategy to get more Twitter followers. You see, sometimes you tweet but you only have, let’s say 15% of your users online. Well, this in not enough to share your best content.

To get to know which one of your tweets is the best, do a search of your Twitter name and find out which tweet got the most replies and retweets. You have more chances to get more attention from people who miss it out by creating the same tweet after few hours. Be careful, though, don’t get spammy.

#7. Let people know that you have a Twitter profile

Make sure that you put Twitter links on your blog. Once you have chosen the style of the button test where to place them. It’s always better to have more than one button. You can choose to put one on the top of the post, and one on the bottom of it.

You can choose to use a sticky plugin if you want. I recommend you AddThis and Digg digg.

#8. Follow back

Well, my advice is to follow people who are sharing the same interests that you are. That sounds logic, but sometimes you might have to take a look at the people who follow you.

They might give you more attention and you get more exposure to their followers at the same time.

Below I have some tips on how can your manage your twitter account to keep your activity running whatever happens:


  • Keep your important followers close and follow them back. In this manner, they are more likely to stick to you.
  • Make sure that you respect all the tips listed above, otherwise you will be surprised how your work can be narrowed down.
  • I suggest you to create another twitter account and manage it as I say here. Test your future techniques on this account.


  • Twitter will detect any massive follows and unfollows. If you are caught, you will get banned for few days. You have to complete a form to get reinstated.
  • Don’t use automatic direct messages. You will get spammy. As no one likes that, you will be unfollowed.
  • If you aim to get more followers in a short time, stop doing that. Don’t unfollow people after a short time you followed them. You will get banned. Wait for a few days and after you can do it.


Follow these tips listed below and you will definitely get more Twitter followers. Offer what your audience needs and you will reach more potential followers day by day.

Twitter is about patience. Do the right thing and the rewards will not be far from you.

Share us your method of how you get more Twitter followers. We will appreciate.


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